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Keeping more of your money means more financial independence and freedom to do what you want.

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“Keeping more of your money means more financial independence and freedom to do what you want. Saving money on things you already buy is only the first step to having more money. The next step is to wisely and proactively save the money you keep. Thus, our primary goal is to advocate for you in the marketplace by carefully selecting products and services that have a reputation for integrity, stability, and strength”

AAPE / AAGE are nonprofit organizations* with thousands of members, founded in 1990. AAPE / AAGE help American workers achieve financial security and independence. Through our relationships with leading companies, we make available a range of financial products, services, and discounts. These products, services, and discounts are available only to our members. We don't offer these programs directly, but we have brought them together so that you can obtain free information to choose with confidence.

All of the products and services that we select are of high quality and carry value. Our members have exclusive access to this collection of financial-related products, services, and savings programs.

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Our motto is "Where America Saves". Are primary objective is to help our members live better with their existing income, help them achieve the American Dream of providing their children with a college education, and have total financial freedom.

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