Key Features

  • Affordable.
  • Simple and easy to follow.
  • Includes valuable life insurance.
  • Optional Disability & Critical Illness.
  • Safeguards against taxes and inflation.
  • Wealth Accumulation.
Your Guide to Financial Freedom


The FREEDOMFLEX® plan is exclusively for AAPE / AAGE members and offers a unique cash accumulation program that encourages the member to set aside an affordable amount of money each month before they have a chance to spend it. Part of the monthly contribution goes to pay for valuable life insurance and part of the contribution is deposited into a wealth accumulation account of choice, such as a no-load mutual fund or annuity. FREEDOMFLEX® affords the member the ability to take advantage of the fundamentals of wealth accumulation, and safeguard against inflation, taxes, premature death, and total disability.

Basic Membership Plan
$1.00* per month
Premium Membership Plan
$14.95** per month

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