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Planning for College

College Planning is one of the most popular services provided to Association members. Our College Planning Division pays close attention to the needs and desires of each student and customizes a personal planner. Features that are available for college students of any age include:

    • A Personal Planner filled with important information.

    • Review of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), to determine accuracy and completeness.

    • A scholarship search, utilizing a rapid on-line service to determine all the scholarships that your student matches

      for possible rewards.                                  

    • The College/Career Exploration will assist the student in deciding on the appropriate college, based on specific

       needs and desires of the student.

    • Assistance in locating grants.

    • Toll-free number to access a financial aid counselor.

Basic Membership Plan

$5.00* per month

Premium Membership Plan

$19.95** per month

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