We do not sell information about you.

We do not share your information with anyone else for their marketing purposes.

We only use your personal information to help maintain and grow the business relationship you have with us.

Privacy Notice to Our Customers, Prospective Customers, Independent Agents, and Prospective Agents

As our customer or prospective customer, or our independent agent or prospective independent agent, you trust us to help you achieve financial success and security. We provide this notice because you have a right to know how we protect the privacy of the personal information you share with us. Your knowledge of our privacy principles and practices will confirm the trust you have placed in us.

What Personal Information Do We Collect?

Most of the personal information we collect is obtained from you, with your consent. We collect personal information needed to service and manage your relationship with us. The type of information that we collect depends on the type of product or service you request, or the relationship you have with us. This includes:

Information you provide on an application or other form (for example, name, address, social security number, or income);

Information we get from other sources such as reporting agencies and information to verify employment or income;

Information about your business relationship and history with us;

Medical or health information you permit us to receive from doctors or other health care providers.

How Do We Use and Disclose Your Information?

The main use of your information is to confirm your identity in the course of business that we perform at your request. We also use your information to service your relationship with us.

Information may be disclosed to other entities that provide business services to us related to our relationship with you. This includes administrative, claims, or audit services. Examples are the benefit service providers for the services provided to you, your producer/registered representative, broker, insurance company, or a reinsurance company. Before we disclose your information, these entities must agree to keep it private.

We may also share information within our corporate family to service and grow the business relationship we have with you. For example, our business units provide administrative services, document preparation, delivery, and processing. Additionally, we may provide information to individuals and entities with whom you authorize us to share.

If necessary, we disclose information when it is required by law. We may also disclose certain information to other entities to help us report or prevent fraud. Examples are reports to a regulatory or law enforcement agency.

What Medical and Health Information Do We Collect?

We may receive medical or health information about you. This may be on an application for insurance, as approved by you in writing. We do not share that information, except as needed to process your transactions. This may be necessary to provide services that you have requested related to your insurance coverage or payment.

How Do We Protect the Security of Your Information?

We have policies to maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect the confidentiality of your personal information. Access to personal information is available only to those people who need to know it in order to help service our relationship with you.

Should your relationship with us end, we will continue to follow the privacy policies described in this notice to the extent that we retain information about you. If we no longer need to retain that information, we will dispose of it in a secure manner.

Do You Need to Do Anything?

It is not necessary for you to take any action. This is because we do not share your information except to service the business relationship you have with us. You do not need to “opt-out” or “opt-in” as you may have done with other financial companies.

How Can You See and Correct Your Information?

Generally, you have the right to review the personal information we have about you. You must request this in writing. We will not disclose information we have collected in connection with a claim or lawsuit. If you believe that any of the information we have is in error, you may write us and request a correction. Where justified, corrections will be made.

Confidentiality Practices for Victims of Domestic Violence or Abuse

AAPE/AAGE understands that certain personal information may require special handling. This may be especially true in instances where an individual is, or has been, a victim of domestic violence or abuse. This information may include the individual’s address, telephone number, name and place of employment, and other contact or location information.

If you are an applicant, policyowner, insured or beneficiary, who is a victim of domestic violence or other abuse, and would like AAPE/AAGE to take steps to further safeguard your information from others or need to remove a previously submitted request, our Customer Service Representatives are available to assist you.

Please call: 800-488-1474 from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 pm., Pacific Time.

Please direct inquiries about accessing or correcting your information to the address below:


 17722 Irvine Blvd.

 Tustin, CA 92780

If you have questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please call toll free: (800) 488-1474.

Please have a copy of your policy or contract available when you call so we may provide you with the best service.

You may also review:

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Residents of California

The information below supplements our Privacy Policy and applies to residents of California. The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) defines categories of personal information as the following:

Information Categories and Examples

Personal Identity, Financial, and Personal Health





Driver’s license

Email address

Social Security number

Medical information

Health insurance information

Protected Classification Characteristics




Marital status

Medical condition

Physical or mental disability

Sex (including gender, gender identity)

Commercial Information

Personal property

Products or service purchased

Biometric Information

Genetic characteristics

Physiological characteristics

Biological characteristics

Internet or Other Similar Network Activity

Information on your interaction with our website

Sensory Data – Audio, Electronic, Visual, Thermal, Olfactory or similar information

Voice Recordings

Professional or Employment-Related Information

Current or past job history

Inferences Drawn from Personal Information

Profile created by analyzing information provided (for example, underwriting analysis)

AAPE/AAGE obtains some of the categories of personal information listed above from the following categories of sources:

Directly from you

Healthcare professional or firm

Financial service professional or firm

Publicly available records

Third parties that are not healthcare professionals or financial services professionals (e.g., companies that provide services to us)

Family member, dependent or beneficiary

Analytical technology (e.g., internet usage or cookies)

You may request AAPE/AAGE to delete personal information that we have collected and retained. Once we receive and confirm the request, we will delete (and direct our service providers to delete) your personal information from our records, unless an exception applies. We will not discriminate against you for exercising any of your rights. Please see the “How Can You See And Correct Your Information?” section above for more information on how to submit a deletion request.

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