We are pleased to provide our members access to FREEDOM 24/7 MD - powered by WellVia, a national network of board certified, state licensed doctors offering medical consultations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! WellVia doctors diagnose acute non-emergent medical conditions and prescribe medications when clinically appropriate. Speak to our doctor within minutes from anywhere at home, at work or while traveling.                                     

Three reasons why WellVia makes sense

Proven Need – According to the Wellness Council of America, approximately 70% of doctor visits and 40% of ER visits can be avoided over the phone with telehealth.

Your Time Is Worth It – Avoid lost work and time away from your family. You can address your healthcare needs from the comfort of your home or office.

 Affordable – Members save an average of $70 to $150 per office visit.

Prescription Policy

If medically necessary a prescription will be called in to your pharmacy of choice. Our doctors do not prescribe DEA (schedule I-IV) controlled substances or lifestyle drugs.

Activate your account

1. Access by WellVia mobile app, online or phone 

2. Enter your Association member ID 

3. Create your username and password

4. Complete the required fields to begin your electronic medical record

5. Request a consult

Basic Membership Plan

$5.00* per month 

Premium Membership Plan

$19.95** per month 

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